Life with Linux: A Mac User Tries Ubuntu (and tries not to hate it)

Posted by Matt Birchler
β€” 1 min read

I'm trying something new here, and it feels really weird. I installed Ubuntu 15.10 on my Mac mini. I last tried Linux back in 2008 and tried out Ubuntu back then as well, although it was only on version 7.10 back then. It was a miserable experience back then, and I wanted to see what had changed. Maybe Ubuntu has evolved into a nice user-friendly operating system that normal people can use.

I'm going to explore Ubuntu over the next week or two and see if things have gotten any better. I want to know if there is a compelling reason for average people to use Linux1. I'll be writing a few follow up pieces coming up, but first impressions are not great:

This should be fun!

  1. And yes, I know there are thousands of distributions of Linux out there and Ubuntu isn't the only one, but it's one of the most commonly used by people who are coming from Windows or Macs.