Maybe It's Just a Product Nobody Wants

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 1 min read

Another day, another company (or two) getting into crypto and their users being upset about it.

A few weeks ago I wrote how web3 projects need more product people to make better experiences, but now I'm starting to wonder if the problem here isn't a lack of product people, it's just a bad product.

A very common thing in product teams (and many other areas, I'm sure) is to demo something for a client (or colleague, or whoever), to have them say the thing is crap, and then spend an achingly long time trying to tell the client why they actually like the thing you showed them. You'll show the client why their concerns just aren't "logical" and that it actually does what they want, and the client will check their watch for when this meeting is over.

It's tough to watch someone do, and it's harder to realize afterward that you were doing it yourself. I've been there…it sucks.

So when I see all these seemingly good-intentioned crypto fans lamenting all this anger they see around crypto stuff being added to everything lately, maybe it's just a matter of the thing they're selling not being something people want, and they have to come in and say, "no, no, no, see you'll actually like this because…"

I don't think crypto is going to disappear, by the way. I think it will always have a place in the world, but much like bittorrent before it, it was new & exciting, people tried to use it for basically everything, and then it settled into being used for, well, nothing for most people. Blockchains likely have a more prominent future, but there's a lot of spaghetti being thrown at walls right now, and I think very little of it will stick because it's not actually making better products.