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How I Keep Track of More Than Just Calendar Events in Fantastical

How I Keep Track of More Than Just Calendar Events in Fantastical

From the Flexibits blog…I say:

How do you add new tasks in Fantastical? The same way you add calendar events, of course! Just start typing out a new task and Fantastical will intelligently figure out when that task is due and what project to assign it to. And just like when creating calendar events, you can manually set priorities, due dates, and projects before you save it.

Absolutely not everyone needs to have their tasks in their calendar, but for some people it's a massive productivity boost. Long-time readers may know I use Things for most of my tasks, but I also use Todoist for my day job and getting my meetings and some key tasks in my calendar means I have a much better grasp on how much time I actually have to get things done.

Also this is the first in a series of posts and videos that I'll be doing for Flexibits, so keep your eyes peeled.

For full transparency, the article and video I made for Flexibits were paid gigs, but as always, anything on Birchtree is all me. I genuinely love Fantastical and everything I cover in this video (and the others coming up) is actually how I use the app.

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