What Happened to the Melting Pot?

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 1 min read

Soothing words Google CEO Sundar Pichai:

The open-mindedness, tolerance, and acceptance of new Americans is one of the country’s greatest strengths and most defining characteristics. And that is no coincidence — America, after all, was and is a country of immigrants.

That is why it’s so disheartening to see the intolerant discourse playing out in the news these days — statements that our country would be a better place without the voices, ideas and the contributions of certain groups of people, based solely on where they come from, or their religion.

I remember talking about how the United States was a great melting pot when I was in grade school. I know that we look back on the past with rose colored glasses, but I'm sad that there seem to be so many people who are openly, excitedly in favor of closing the pot entirely to "outsiders." I try to keep this site mostly PG, but fuck these people, we should be better than this.