Ghost Blogging Platform Hits 2.0

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 1 min read

I  was a big supporter of Ghost, the open source blogging platform when it launch years ago, and they just announced they’re releasing their version 2.0 today (well, yesterday).

I haven’t used them in years, and I never stuck around for too long since it lacked a lot of third party integrations and app support. I’m intrigued by their new changes (their editor looks very nice), but frankly WordPress works perfectly fine for me and it integrates with every writing app on the planet (well, on some platforms, at least) so changing would lead to a bunch of compromises out of the gate. Not to mention BirchTree recently hit 1,500 total posts, which is a massive library to bring over.

Oh god, will I ever use anything besides WordPress?

Is this it?!

Oh my, well this has been “Matt’s Existential Blogging Crisis” for the week, have a great day!