By Matt Birchler
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You Probably Want to Skip MLB The Show 15

I'm still not sold on this year's MLB The Show, which sounds like the laziest update to a sports game I've seen in a while. Here's what they're advertising:

  • Licensed Equipment - Yup, this is the first listed feature everywhere you look at the game. What the hell? This just sounds like they're going to have more micro-transactions.
  • Year-to-year saves - You can continue your franchise you started on MLB 14. Basically, you can keep playing the same game but pay $60 for the privilege.
  • Legends - Each MLB team will have a legend that you can play as.

Here's what I said in my review of the game from last year:

However, everything else is lifted straight from the older game. Even some of the commentary is lifted from the 2012 edition of the game (the last one I owned). While all of their efforts seem to have gone to making the game look great, I hope that their energy for next year goes towards making the game play better.

We're still waiting to hear more about the game, but it appears that the in-game portions of The Show 15 will be basically the same as what we had last year.

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