MotionMark: The New Browser Benchmark in Town

Posted by Matt Birchler
β€” 1 min read

Well there's a new tool out there for pitting our browsers against each other, and this one comes from the WebKit team. It's called Motion Mark and it's definitely the best looking speed test I've ever used.

We all know that every benchmarking tool has it's drawbacks, and the WebKit crew seems to know this:

We needed a way to monitor and measure WebKit rendering performance, and looked for a graphics benchmark to guide our work. Most graphics benchmarks measured performance using frame rate while animating a fixed scene, but we found several drawbacks in their methodology.

You can read their entire post to see what they focused these tests on. In the meantime, I ran the 3 devices in front of me through it's hurdles and got some interesting results. The long and short of it: phones are getting stupid-fast.