My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy (365 Albums)

Posted by Matt Birchler
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My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy (365 Albums)

This album is shared with the hopefully obvious disclaimer that endorsement of this work is not an endorsement of the artist, and certainly not an endorsement of the views they're broadcasting to the world in recent years. Truly, fuck all of that.

I'm sharing this because it's an incredible piece of art that meant a ton for me at the time, and I still think is basically wall-to-wall classics. To make a list of 365 records I've enjoyed over the course of my life and not include this one would be fundamentally incomplete. And for what it's worth, none of the terrible ideas the artist has today show up in this work, likely because they were before whatever sent him down this long, dark road.

For more details on how I feel about this, please read Great Art from Bad People, which I wrote before starting this series.

This is an entry in the 365 Albums Project in which I plan on posting one album I enjoy every day for a full year.