My iPhone event “risky picks” for 2024

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 1 min read

Every year, the hosts of Connected have The Rickies, their betting special on what they expect to see from Apple’s September event. I’ve decided to try and make my picks today, a full year early. Why? Why not!

  1. Both Pro models start at 256GB
  2. By extension, the iPhone Pro starts at $1,099
  3. The iPhone Pro Max stays in the lineup (aka if there is an Ultra model, it will be a third line)
  4. The new 2024 Call of Duty is announced to be coming out for the iPhone
  5. Non-Pros have A18 chip, and Pros get A18 Pro
  6. If there is an Ultra, it gets an A18 Ultra chip
  7. A gold iPhone Pro returns
  8. Bonus: Myke Hurley predicts a gold iPhone this during The Rickies
  9. The smaller iPhone 16 Pro gets the 5x telephoto lens
  10. WiFi standard increases

I will of course be keeping score. I’ve already set a reminder in Things to check in on these next year.