My teeny, tiny Things UI request

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 1 min read
My teeny, tiny Things UI request

I love Things, and it's the perfect task manager for me personally. One thing you can do in the app is create tasks that have sub-tasks inside them (called "checklist" in the app). You can tell which tasks have subtasks by that little gray list icon in the screenshot above.

My complaint with this is that it does not tell me how much progress I have made on those sub-tasks unless I tap/double-click in to see them.

My suggestion

My suggestion is pretty simple, and it's to show an indicator of how many sub-tasks are complete by showing a fraction of how many sub-tasks are completed.

Alternatively, we could pull from the existing UI for project status, which is a circle that fills itself in as you complete more tasks under the project.

In this case, you could see a proportional progress bar as well as how many sub-tasks (checklist items) are remaining to be checked off.

This isn't a high priority request or anything, and I don't think the app is broken without it, but something like this would help me on a regular basis, as I very much like to use checklists in Things for stuff like b-roll shots I need to collect or grocery shopping lists.