By Matt Birchler
I've been writing here since 2010! Back when personal blogs were all the rage. Kids, ask your parents.

News Orgs Are Pulling Back Top Talent from Substack


Pressure from new publishing platforms has finally pushed newsrooms to create programs that give writers more pay, autonomy and flexibility. Those changes are attracting some independent writers back to traditional news companies.

We had a whole wave of people leaving their jobs at major news sites and newspapers, and venture off on their own on platforms like Substack (which I use for my newsletter, for what it's worth). They did it for many reasons…money, working for themselves, no editors, or some combination of them all. But recently a few people have gone back to big orgs (like Charlie Warzel), and I hope it's because the deals they've gotten are better than before.

There's a lot going on right now with workers in all industries having more choice than ever before and employers needing to work harder to retain talent, and I think that's a great thing.

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