Who Broke Gas Prices? (Newsletter #113)

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 2 min read

I know a lot of people are feeling exhausted right now, and I hope that this newsletter can keep delivering good vibes if you're feeling that way today.

The Videos

I love this new album, and I always love the creativity in Kendrick's videos.

Final Cut has some work to do to win over pro users across the video editing industry, but it's not like Premiere is doing great in terms of reputation either. The real winner recently is DaVinci Resolve, which seems to have nothing but goodwill and is converting more people by the day.

Gas prices getting you down? The always excellent Climate Town breaks down what's going on and where to direct your anger (hint, it's lots of places).

A little self-promotion here, but I'm enjoying my Playdate, and made a video going over the best games you can sideload onto the little guy.

I just bought a racing wheel for my PC to get more immersion in the racing games I enjoy, and it's great, but this setup is just wild in comparison.

The Tweets

This last one really landed with me. I think it's very telling that the more exposure we have to people who are different from us, the more empathy we gain for all people like them.