The Nexus 6 is Slower Than the Nexus 5?

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 1 min read

From Ars Technica's review of Google's new Nexus 6

In our experience, the Nexus 6 was slower than the Nexus 5. Apps took longer to launch, tasks took longer to switch, and sometimes—particularly during heavy multitasking—our Nexus 6 liked to get stuck and pause for a few minutes while it thought about things. It would often “chug” during our normal usage and in general felt like a slow device.

The review goes on to show benchmarks that pale in comparison to those of last year's Nexus 5...that also costs half the price of the new phone. I trust Ars did proper testing, so I'm just a little shocked at some of the raw numbers.

If you are a regular around here, you'll know I don't care too much about raw specs, but take a look at the video they have on page 2 of the review and you'll see the old Nexus beat this new phone in every single real-world speed test.

I'm not saying the Nexus 6 is a bad phone, but it seems odd that with hardware that should be leaps and bounds better than last years' phones, that it is kind of sluggish in day-to-day use.