On Weekly Release Schedules

Posted by Matt Birchler
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Weekly episodes are better than binging · Maximilian Litteral

I truly believe Baby Yoda wouldn’t be as big of a phenomenon it is today if the entire show was available all at once.

The Verge also wrote about this

By dropping every episode at once, Netflix is sacrificing weekly discussions around The Witcher for a short burst of popularity, after which it trickles off into the void as people’s attentions are quickly grabbed by the next big thing. That extra time between episodes would let viewership build over time, as more people hear about the show or proselytize it to their friends.

Both articles are great and line up with my feelings on this. It feels like these single day drops mean you have a week to watch something before it drops out of the zeitgeist. If I wanted to talk about The Mandelorian, I had 2 full months to do so and people were excited to talk about it. Meanwhile, The Witcher came out a few weeks ago and I already feel like no one is talking about it. And it’s not just like The Witcher is a dud, this is how i felt about Stranger Things last July and that’s a huge show!