Posted by Matt Birchler
— 1 min read

I found this thread on Hacker News that was mildly depressing for reasons I can only describe as The Unbearable Cringe of Hacker News Commenters, as they discussed this tool that lets you summarize any YouTube video using GPT.

The king, though is this comment, which I am quoting here for posterity:

A few months ago I started using AssemblyAI to read YouTube videos (by running speech recognition on them) instead of watching them. Then I realized, there were usually only a few pieces of useful information in the video. So I'd copy-paste the transcript into ChatGPT and ask it what they are. For longer videos it doesn't fit, so I made a tool to turn them into bullet points in 2 phases (summarize each chunk, then take that and summarize it).

The only reply to this so far is perfect:

Genious move into outsource critical thinking, lol.

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