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PlayStation 4 Sales Continue to Rise

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 1 min read

Sony announced another quarter of impressive sales revenue numbers for their PlayStation brand:

The company reported the results of its fiscal first quarter today, and it revealed that it generated $3.2 billion in revenues from its game and network services division during the three-month period ending June 30. That is up 14.5 percent from the same period in 2015.

The company detailed that they sold 3.5 million PS4 units in the 3 month quarter, an increase of over 16% on the same time period last year. That's a modest increase, but I feel like I need to emphasize this for the tech crowd: this is a 16% increase in sales of a product that was released 3 years ago! This isn't sales of the 2016 PlayStation vs the 2015 PlayStation, it's the exact same thing. This breaks all the assumptions of the rest of the tech world, and it tends to make the general tech press's heads spin.

And while console sales were up, the entire game's division was up 126% in operating income. The increase was mostly due to software sales both at retail and via digital distribution. Below are all the new "Game & Network Services" numbers since 2012 when Sony started breaking their game division sales out into their own category.