Raycast's Delightful Little Details

Posted by Matt Birchler
β€” 1 min read
Raycast's Delightful Little Details

After a decade or so of using Alfred as my app launcher on macOS, I recently switched to Raycast. It's a fantastic app launcher in its own right, and I'm really impressed with its extension system that developers seem to be able to easily tap into and create nice experiences. Here's a video I made recently on some of my favorite extensions:

But this post is just a quick appreciation for the "suggestions" section when you bring up the app with whatever your keyboard shortcut is (mine is Option+Space). The app helpfully has a few suggested apps there, and more often than not what I'm looking for is right there and I can arrow down to select it and go. I can of course type out the letters and launch it that way too, but I really like having the most likely apps be there straight away.

I have no idea how this list is generated, but it saves me a bit of time every day, and I appreciate any software that saves me a bit of time.

P.S. I hear Alfred 5 is coming soon, and I'll be very interested to see what they've got cooking for that release.