By Matt Birchler
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Tom Hanks Ain't Happy Greyhound Won't Be in Theaters

Tom Hanks talking to The Guardian:

But Greyhound has been an especial labour of love for him, one he sweated over for almost a decade, and it is one of those sweeping war movies that really should be seen on the big screen. So the change in plans has been, he says, “an absolute heartbreak. I don’t mean to make angry my Apple overlords, but there is a difference in picture and sound quality.”

I totally get Hanks' sadness around his film not getting the presentation he invisioned for it when it kicked off. I'm a big fan of in-home distribution, and I think it helps more people see more movies they would not have seen otherwise, but I absolutely appreciate filmmakers wanting to give people the option to see their films as intended.

This isn't the worst thing to come of COVID-19, of course, but I sympathize with Hanks on this.

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