Unlock Your Mac Easily with Unlox

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 1 min read

There are 5 reasons you probably want to get Unlox for iOS and macOS (formerly MacID).

One, if you have a strong password on your Mac and you don’t want to enter that long code every time you open your computer, Unlox lets you authenticate with your iPhone via Touch ID or Face ID. It’s easy, and fast. Apple Watch users already have an unlock option from Apple, and this gives everyone a similar bit of magic.

Two, if you don’t like entering that same long password when you’re installing something on your Mac, Unlox can fill in your admin password for you, again by authenticating with your finger or face on your iPhone.

Three, Unlox lets you unlock your Mac with patterns on your trackpad of Magic Trackpad. Maybe my iPhone isn’t around and I still want an easier, but secure way to log into my Mac. This feature lets me set up a pattern of taps on my trackpad that unlocks my computer. For example, tapping 3, 4, 2, 2, and then 4 fingers could unlock the computer instead of typing in a password.

Forur is media controls from your iPhone to your Mac. A lot of people use their Macs to play music throughout the room or even house, and there is no good remote control option to play/pause or skip to the next/previous track. Unlox gives you this ability and it works great. You can either open the app on your iPhone and use the control there, or like me, you can open the Apple Watch app and control things from your wrist.

Five, you can send your clipboard contents from one device to another. Again, iOS and macOS can do this already, but some people don’t have this feature turned on and others find it slower than they’d like. This is a fool-proof way of sending whatever you have copied from one device to another.

Unlox is $3.99 on the App Store and the Mac companion app is free from the Unlox website.