watchOS 8: The Better Computer Concept

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 1 min read
watchOS 8: The Better Computer Concept

This is the first year that I've had a serious YouTube presence, so I moved my annual concept/wishlist for the new version of watchOS over there this time. Check out the video below, but if you wanted a summary, here's what I cover:

  1. Always-on screen improvments
  2. Control Center complications
  3. Better recent apps view
  4. Fitness and Workouts enhancements
  5. Fitness+ outdoor workouts (audio guidance rather than visual)
  6. Workout auto-detection improvements
  7. Edit workouts after the fact
  8. Workout progress on the iPhone lock screen
  9. Customize the rings more
  10. Better stand notifications
  11. Weekend Getaway mode
  12. New watch faces (especially an advancements of the Siri face)
  13. Flashlight colors besides white and red
  14. Faster wireless everything
  15. Scribble autocomplete
  16. Custom notification sounds
  17. Play audio from music/podcasts