Widgets Are Too Hot!

Posted by Matt Birchler
β€” 1 min read
Widgets Are Too Hot!

I've made 2 videos about some of my favorite widgets that have come out since iOS 14 released less than a week ago, and a bunch of the apps I showed off, even as recently as this morning, already have updates I wish I could have talked about. Today's Weather Line update that adds a ton of theming options for its widgets is just one example of tons I've seen.

What was the last iOS update that got this many people so excited about a new feature? I'm genuinely drawing a blank on thinking of anything that created such a furvur of excitement.

Obviosuly things will cool off after a while, but it's been fun to see normal people really driving this excitement and do some really cool stuff with their iPhones. I also really hope a lot of these indie devs who are making the best widgets are getting a little revenue bump right now. 🀞🏻