By Matt Birchler

Your "Forever Apps"

Your "Forever Apps"

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Some of this has been forced on me—when an app or service stops working, there’s no way to avoid thinking about the alternatives—but a lot has been self-inflicted. It’s nice to have one part of my computing life that’s stable and should continue to be stable for years to come.

While I subscribe to more than my fair share of web services, I do understand the appeal of having some things in your computer life that just last forever. I like owning a few MP3s on my computer that I’ll never have to worry about disappearing from streaming platforms, I have downloaded a bunch of YouTube videos I never want to lose, and I keep some information in text files because no matter how long I live and how many innovations there are in computers, we’ll always be able to open plain text files.

Header image by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

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