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Spectacular Blade Runner Poster

I know this is a truly excellent poster because I really want to watch Blade Runner right now. Via The Ninja Bot, but it's tragically sold through its limited run.

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Lucas Knows His Dialogue Is Wooden, but Thinks That's Just Fine

Stephen Colbert and George Lucas talk Star Wars, wooden dialogue and Howard the Duck - Polygon Colbert: Do you think it’s necessary for a great movie that you still understand the emotion with the sound off? Lucas: No. I believe half a movie is the sound. The sound

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Why Jupiter Ascending's Failure is Bad for the Future of Hollywood

Variety - ‘Jupiter Ascending’ Flops: Why the Wachowskis’ Failure Is Bad for MoviesAll the red ink that “Jupiter Ascending” will spill will make studios all the more conservative and risk-averse. There will be more reboots, retreads and revivals as companies try to give facelifts to geriatric franchises such as “Star

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