Beginning to test iPhone 8 Plus charging speeds

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 1 min read

I’m preparing a week of serious testing of the many ways you can charge the iPhone 8 Plus. I have 4 different power bricks and 2 wireless chargers at my disposal, all of which will be used to charge the iPhone. I am only testing speed and nothing else. If you are morally opposed to using a charging pad or if you think “wireless charging” is a misnomer, then keep on walking, I will not be covering that here1.

As a sneak peak, here are my first 2 tests: the standard Lightning cable and charging brick that come in the box vs the Samsung Fast Charge Wireless Charger. In this fist test, the wireless option is off to a really slow start!

  1. Although if you would like to know how I feel about this, here a lengthy thread/conversation I had this week.