Compelling arguments

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 1 min read

You already know this is about Macs with touch, so let’s just jump into a few compelling arguments I found from Googling around for a minute:

I'm in the camp where I don't want touch support. It's a laptop, not a tablet. If you want touch support, use an iPad. Apple never said the iPad Pro was a laptop replacement. They had a commercial that offered the question, "What is a computer?" That's not the same thing as saying, "This will replace your laptop." Apple is saying to use whatever device you want for your needs whether it's a tablet, a laptop, or a desktop. All three are computers. The difference is subtle but real. Just as a laptop is not a desktop replacement, a tablet is not a laptop replacement.


Most of the Mac users do not care if there is touch support. It isn’t part of their usage. If Apple adds touch support “the wrong way” and applications start getting developed with only touch support and weaker mouse support, then the Mac loses the basic fabric that has made it so popular.


Nostalgia, and a grass is greener outlook. I suspect a lot of people who say they want it will change their minds when they actually try it.

Except…and maybe you saw this coming…these quotes are a lie 🤭

These were actually people arguing why cursor support should not come to the iPad, I just flipped the references. The iPad isn’t a Mac, so don’t try to make it one by adding a cursor, it doesn’t even make sense with the iPad UI, right?

Look, you don’t have to want a Mac with touch and you may still think it’s a bad idea, but I will just remind everyone that there were people arguing the iPad would be damaged by adding a Mac feature right up until the moment they added it and everything was…great.