Does No One at Apple Use Twitter?

Posted by Matt Birchler
β€” 1 min read

Anyone who uses Safari on their Mac surely knows about the maddening bug where Twitter links just don't freaking load. I swear to god, it has to have been an error for over a year, and it drives me mad on a daily basis.

I shared this tip last week to get Tweetbot to open links in a way that doesn't hang up Safari, but life is full of Twitter links and that's band-aid on the problem. Thankfully, WebKit developer Timothy Hatcher confirmed that the issue is going to be fixed soon-ish.

It just raises the question, how many people at Apple use Twitter? It baffles me that the #10 most visited website in the world is basically broken on their supposedly world-class browser. Did Tim Cook never scream down the hall, "why the hell won't this damn GIF load?!"