I need the meat and potatoes

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 1 min read
I need the meat and potatoes
Still from Apple's Vision Guided tour

At the end of 2023 I wrote this about what I expected to see from Apple before they announced the Vision Pro's release date:

I also hope we get some videos deep diving into some of the interactions and common tasks you’ll be able to do on the Vision Pro. I’m thinking something like the series we got for the iPhone way back when it was released, which showed things like pinch-to-zoom, which believe it or not, wasn’t a basic daily gesture like it is today.

We didn't get those videos before pre-orders, but Apple did post this video on their site today, and it's exactly what I was hoping to see. I know different marketing messages work for different groups of people, but when there's a new product category, I'm most engaged by drilling into the details of how you use the new thing. Stepping back, it's also how I handle talking about things on A Better Computer (my YouTube channel), where I have very little patience for hype and like to delve into the details.

Anyway, if you also felt that Apple's information about the Vision Pro was too nebulous so far, I'd check out this one to see if it gives you a better feel for…you know…what you're actually spending four grand on. I still don't plan on getting one yet because $4,000 after tax is a major, major expense, but this did more to convince me that the product has potential than anything else I've seen from Apple so far.