If You Want Republicans to Win, Get Rid of Trump

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 1 min read

House Rating Changes: 20 Races Move Towards Democrats - The Cook Political Report

President Trump's abysmal polling since the pandemic began is seriously jeopardizing down-ballot GOP fortunes. We may be approaching the point at which dozens of House Republicans will need to decide whether to cut the president loose and run on a "check and balance" message, offering voters insurance against congressional Democrats moving too far left under a potential Biden administration.


This week, we're shifting our ratings in 20 races, all reflecting movement towards Democrats.

I recently advocated for getting Trump out of the White House (shocker, I know), but that argument was based on my political beliefs, as well as…you know, respect for the rule of law. But if I were still a Republican, frankly I'd want him gone too. It is "the party of Trump" at this point, and while that was fun for the party to talk shit while riding the wave of improvements made during the previous administration, nearly 4 years into this administration it's becoming more and more clear that this guy is a clown. A clown who packs the courts and is an asshole to your opponents in ways you could never say out loud, yay! A clown who's ineptitude hurts not only him, but down ballot races, nay!

Look, the odds of me liking, let alone voting for the next Republican nominee is slim to none so don't do it for me, do for the down ballot races.