Just Reboot Your Phone Once a Day

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 1 min read

Samsung's official advice to people is to reboot your phone once a day to ensure it's performance stays solid. Here's a screenshot in case that link breaks:

I'm beside myself, I really am. How is it 2016 and Samsung's advice for keeping your phone running smoothly is to restart it every damn day? When was the last time someone told you the best way to get your computer to run best was to reboot once a day? 1998? Earlier?!

Typically, I (and I would guess most iPhone users) only restart my phone when an iOS software update comes down the wire. Meanwhile, my Mac only gets updated for the same reason, and even my Windows PC at work hasn't been rebooted since I upgraded to Windows 10.

How trashy is your software if the best way to get it to run as expected is to reboot the device it's running on every single day? I'm truly baffled by this suggestion and think it's a wonderful illustration of the poor performance and trashy software that Samsung has been shipping for years. This sounds exactly like the myth that closing your apps on your iPhone saves battery life and makes your phone run faster. That suggestion is BS, and Apple will tell you so, but to have this coming straight from Samsung is…it's just sad.

I should note that I wrote a piece last week about blindly saying Samsung phones suck, but this has nothing to do with being anti-Samsung because I like Apple. This is about an absurd expectation of users for any tech device in 2016.