My Silly iPhone Event Predictions

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 2 min read

Let's have some fun and predict what's coming tomorrow!

General Event Stuff

  1. Absolutely nothing we see on the stream will be live.
  2. Press will get hands-on with the new hardware afterwards.
  3. Risky - Tim makes some comment that could be seen as a reference to current political affairs.


  1. At least one iPhone 14 Pro camera has a higher resolution sensor.
  2. The iPhone 14 Pro can shoot 4K at 120fps.
  3. There is a purple iPhone in the 14 lineup available to purchase this fall.
  4. The case colors finally bring back some saturation and brightness we've been missing the last few years.
  5. We will see pixels between the camera cutouts at some point.
  6. Pro phones get an always-on mode.
  7. The always-on mode has more color and is brighter than what we're used to on Android phones.
  8. Always-on customization happens in the same UI that iOS 16 added for the lock screen and home screen.
  9. The non-Pro iPhone gets a big old yawn from the press because it's basically the same as the iPhone 13 in most ways.
  10. Some people on Twitter will be mad at someone at The Verge for saying this, even though we'll all know they're actually right (doesn't mean it's bad, just not much better than the last model).
  11. The most exciting thing about the iPhone 14 will be the larger one, which will greatly outsell the iPhone 13 mini (that second part is a long-term bet).
  12. The normal iPhone 14 gets autofocus in the ultrawide camera enabling macro shots.
  13. The normal iPhone 14 will get Cinematic mode.
  14. The big iPhone 14 will be called "iPhone 14 Max".
  15. Red Bull fans across the world will be inexplicably compelled to buy the new iPhone 14 Max.
  16. Pre-orders start this Friday.
  17. Shipping September 16.

Apple Watch

  1. Big year for the Apple Watch…3 new models on sale by end of 2022.
  2. Series 8 is a boring update, but will clearly be the right model for most people.
  3. Series 8 still starts at $399.
  4. The SE gets a refresh.
  5. The SE maintains the same form factor.
  6. The SE gets the always-on display.
  7. The SE drops to $249.
  8. A new Apple Watch is announced!
  9. New model is marketed as something for athletes and outdoorspeople.
  10. New model starts at $599.
  11. New model is not called "Pro".
  12. New model has better battery than the Series 8.
  13. New model has at least one sensor that's better than what's in the Series 8.
  14. Risky - Pre-orders start today.
  15. Shipping September 16, but at least one model is not available immediately.

The Rest

  1. AirPods Pro finally get a second generation.
  2. AirPods Pro "2" are shipping September 16.
  3. Original AirPods Pro are no getting out of the lineup (unlike the original normal AirPods).
  4. No HomePod mentions at all.
  5. Risky? - No mentions of VR or AR, even in the iPhone segment.
  6. No iPad anything.
  7. iOS 16 releases next week.

My Order Plans

  1. I will be getting an iPhone 14 Pro, not the Max. it will be purple.
  2. I will not be ordering an Apple Watch Series 8 (gotta stay strong…).
  3. I will be ordering the new AirPods Pros.