The Birchtree Newsletter, August 2022

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 3 min read

The Birchtree Newsletter is now monthly! I've fallen off the wagon recently, and I still want to bring you guys fun stuff, but doing that every week became too much, but monthly works so much better, so I hope you enjoy it as well. Here's what we'll cover each issue:

  1. Birchtree Stuff: things I made this month I think you should check out in case you missed them.
  2. Notable Links: games, fun sites, fonts, design, and whatever else.
  3. Good Videos: some of the best YouTube from the past month
  4. On Repeat: music I can't stop listening to.

Birchtree Stuff

How to Write a Good Pitch Email to YouTubers
I get a lot of of emails from companies asking me to try their product and make a video about it. I don’t respond to most of these emails, but a few do catch my eye and make me check out the product. Today I wanted to share a
My Dumb Hobby
This is my keyboard, the Keychron Q1, and I’ve been using it for about a year, but it’s changed a good deal from the product I originally got in the mail. I’ve gone more and more down the rabbit hole of mechanical keyboards, and the Q1 was a great keyboard
Blogging Like It’s 2010
2 weeks ago today I decided that I wasn’t having fun on Twitter anymore, so I took a break, and outside of posting a couple movie and book reviews, I literally have not gone on to see what’s happening (if you’ve @’d or DMd me, I’m
  • I've been trying out as a more modern, more easilty-automated way to save web pages for the long haul.
  • MegaBlock lets you provide a bad tweet, and block the person who sent it as well as every single person who liked it.
  • Gail Myerscough has some amazing artwork.
  • Mr. Squarepants and the Dumb Starfish is objectively stupid, but it's worth at least a few minutes of your time.
  • Standard Ebooks looks like a rad place where you can get high-quality ebooks of tons of books in the public domain.
  • Lego's new Minifigure Factory is rolling out slowly, but it lets you create custom minifigs of you, your loved ones, or basically anyone you want. I got one and it was pretty good, but I hope they add a ton more options in the future. I'm thinking something on the level of the Xbox Design Lab.

Good Videos

twitter is a collective hallucination
Building a Next-Level Camera
The Makita Coffee Machine: A Bizarre Battery-Powered Brewer
Bloodborne PSX: Recreating Bloodborne as a PlayStation One Game | Noclip

On Repeat

  • Maggie Rogers burst onto the scene in 2019 with a few incredible singles, and while her second record, Surrender doesn't achieve as many of the same highs as that debut, a few songs like Want Want stand out on this very solid follow-up.
  • ODESZA makes prime nighttime drive music, and their latest, The Last Goodbye, continues that trend.
  • GRMLN is the solo project of Japanese musician Yoodoo Park, and while his latest record is Lost Days In Lake Biwa, this is his second LP out this year, and his eighth since 2019(!!), so just pick up whenever you want in his discography (2014's Soon Away is a highlight too).