One More Thing on the Hammer

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 1 min read

Uninformed Purchases - Initial Charge

I try to avoid making purchases like this, though. I know that my life will be more pleasant if the items I’m surrounded with represent the best in their category. The less friction that these objects introduce into my life, the more time I can spend on what matters most.

Michael commented on my hammer piece front yesterday and he added this wonderful point: when you can, get the best version you can afford. You know, don’t be reckless and spend your money on diamond-encrusted silverware, but for things that matter in your life, get the best version in your budget.

Many times, getting something nicer than the baseline means:

  • Less friction, so you use it more.
  • More features that make it more useful.
  • Better design makes it simpler and less painful to use.
  • You’re more invested in it, so you treat it better.

All of these things are great, and I find do play out in the real world, not just in a blog post. Not everything warrants extra time and money1, but I do agree it’s generally a good policy to try and buy products that are well designed, both visually and practically.

  1. IMO a hammer, although Michael sees value there.