Samsung Firing on All Cylinders with the Galaxy S7

Posted by Matt Birchler
β€” 1 min read

Mobile World Congress is happening this week and there have been plenty of interesting announcements made by a bunch of differnet companies, but nothing has impressed me more than Samsung's Galaxy S7 line. But why? The LG G5 is a modular smartphone with fancy friends and the VR stuff looked so cool! You know, except when it wasn't.

I'm impressed with Samsung's S7 line because they made what seem to be unversally positive changes to last year's phone. I was not impressed around this time last year when Samsung unveiled the Galaxy S6 line, which I felt elimiated most of the things that differetiated Samsung from the iPhone. I was able to get a unit to review later last year and I was not impressed with it. I thought the S6 was a beautiful phone full of questionable UI decisions and hardware limitations.

But the 2016 phones look to have fixed a lot. Water resistance and expandable storage are back, and the design has been subtly improved, ensuring that this remains on the best looking phones on the market. I still don't think the Edge models are something I'd ever persue again, but the standard Galaxy S7 would be a top contender if I was in the market to buy a new Android phone this year.

Out of curiosity, I seeked out some Geekbench test scores to see how Samsung's flagship stacks up against my phone, the iPhone 6s Plus. Apparently it's better, but not as much better as you'd expect, considering how loud and proud Samsung was about these specs.