The iOS 16 Lock Screen Rules

Posted by Matt Birchler
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The iOS 16 Lock Screen Rules

Apple released public betas for all their main products today, and I think the one people will enjoy the most up front will be the new lock screen. We got:

  1. New fonts
  2. Color controls
  3. Wallpaper filters
  4. New animated wallpapers
  5. Depth-detection in all photos
  6. Widgets (aka watch complications)

And this was all in one release! I have minor quibbles here and there, but this is such a big jump over what we've had since the iPhone X that I'm honestly a little surprised Apple did it all at once.

Oh, and it's been said a million times already, so I'll just voice my agreement that this is clearly there so that Apple can do a better always-on mode for the iPhone 14 coming in a few months. I mean this just makes too much sense: