Ulysses is the Best WordPress App (including WordPress's official app)

Posted by Matt Birchler
β€” 1 min read

I don't even know why I keep the official WordPress app on my iPhone and iPad anymore. I briefly used it to post to this site, but it's such a hot mess. I don't know how that app works for anyone who doesn't just write short posts with no styling. I can technically put my formatted Markdown posts in there, but it always feels like a toss up whether it's going to work as expected.

This has long had me posting directly from the WordPress admin page on my iPad. I would prefer a native app, but it works. I wrote a brief post last week where I mentioned that Ulysses (my writing app of choice) had been updated to support WordPress publishing, but I don't feel like I gave it the credit this new functionality deserves.

Ulysses is the absolute best app for publishing to WordPress. If you have a WordPress site and write at all on iOS, you really should check this out. It's not a simple title and body post to WordPress either, it does it all. Ulysses lets you use:

  • Title
  • Body
  • Tags
  • Categories
  • Post format
  • Publishing time
  • Featured image
  • Excerpt
  • URL slug
  • Title link

On top of this, I'm very happy that the developers have decided to let us choose where to post to your site as HTML or Markdown. I write everything in Markdown, and it's so much easier to edit later if need be than HTML. I pleaded with them (nicely, of course) in the beta to make this an option, and I'm so happy that they were able to make this happen.

Ulysses is a universal app and goes for $24.99 on the App Store.