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Why I made a weather app

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 2 min read
“Why the hell would you make a weather app in 2017?”

That’s a question that rattled around in my brain for a good portion of the last few months. Why was I taking the time and effort to make what must be the 75,454th weather app on the App Store? Outside of the official explanation which you can read in the official launch blog post, I made it for the very simple reason that no weather app was perfect for me. Weather apps are one of those apps where everyone has a different opinions on, so there will never be an app that makes everyone happy.

I made Today’s Forecast because I was frustrated with the fact that all apps I’ve used (and I’ve spent a small fortune trying a bunch) are lacking in one way or another. One of the great things about being a developer is being able to think of something you want to exist and then make it. Take a look a the 4 screenshots below of unnamed apps (although I’m sure you can figure out what they each are):

Today’s Forecast is on the left, and for my money is the best display of data of the bunch. That’s my opinion, and of course yours may be different, but personally that gets me the most information that I can actually act on at a glance.

The second app is okay, although it really only gives me temp and rain info, and I don’t think it looks particularly beautiful. The third app is not my favorite by a long shot, as it also gives too little information and also makes that info hard to read in some cases as the background image is animated and sometimes will make the semi-transparent text nearly impossible to read at a glance. And the final app is just so incredibly light on info that it’s basically worthless to me without interacting with it to see more useful data. Even the radar, which is heavily featured here is zoomed out too far to let me really know what’s going on in my neighborhood.

I should note that I really like all of these apps, and they have all been my go-to weather app at one point or another. I still have all of these installed, and I paid for each one, but the app I have on my home screen is Today’s Forecast. I’m extremely happy with where the app is at right now, and I am aggressively developing it out to be more full-featured and give you less reason to look at another weather app. As I’m writing this, version 1.1 is in app review and will hopefully be out before the weekend.

There’s lots more work to do, so thank you for supporting me and the app so far, and I think you’re going to like where it’s going.