Podcast #190: The iPadOS Marketing is Working

The iPadOS public beta came out yesterday and that means all the major tech outlets got out there “here’s what’s new in iPadOS 13” videos as well. If Apple’s goal in changing the naming of the iPad’s operating system was to shift the conversation in terms if its “ability to replace your PC” then I think they it seems like it’s working.

Why Breath of the Wild is Absolutely Brilliant: Part 1

I’m taking a break from the Persona series to talk about what I’m pretty confident is my favorite video game of all time. This game is just unbelievable and this series will go through some of the elements that I think come together to make this a really special experience.

Podcast #189: Apple Beta Status Report: macOS, iOS, iPadOS, and watchOS

Quick episode today on how the betas are holding up for me and why I’m desperately hoping for new betas today to fix some of the crazy problems I’m having with my iPhone and Apple Watch in particular. These were explicitly messaged as unstable and I knew that going in, so not complaining by any means, just wanted to let other “thrill seekers” out there know where these stand after a few weeks of use.

Microsoft Office for iPad: My Beginner’s Guide

My overview of Microsoft Word for the iPad over on The Sweet Setup:

Microsoft Word on the iPad is currently a solid app. It has the core functionality nailed down. Editing documents is as pleasant as it’s been on any version of Word I’ve used in my lifetime. If you use Word for basic to medium-level work, then there is a good chance that it will work well for you. However, if you are an advanced Word user or rely on some of the customization options present in the desktop apps, then this will likely let you down.

I don’t use Word a ton, but when I do I’m usually impressed with how well it works. Those of us who write in text editors will of course not get as much use out of it, but if you work in rich documents or as a team, then Word is pretty darn compelling.

Thanks to Josh Gitner from The Sweet Setup for letting me use his awesome mockup at the top of this post!