AR Stickers Come to the Pixel 2

The Pixel’s AR Stickers are the most fun you can have with a camera | Android Central:

AR Stickers aren’t a separate camera app on your Pixel. Instead, it lives right inside the Google Camera app. You access it just like you would Portrait Mode, by tapping the Menu button on the side of the camera and selecting AR Stickers as an option. Once you’re in this camera mode, you’ll see the standard video and photo button options underneath a host of augmented reality characters for you to drop into your shot.

I took the below video with one of the AR stickers. First impressions are it’s pretty good!

An Android User Falls in Love with the Taptic Engine

Android to iPhone, part two: What I’ve liked about switching to the iPhone X:

Apple’s Taptic Engine doesn’t just buzz – it clicks, it taps, it knocks. And it can do so with an incredible range of intensities and precision. If I had to analogize, it’s sort of like having used crappy $10 earbuds your entire life and then someone hands you a set of $300 open-back Sennheisers. You didn’t know your music could sound that much better until your ears heard it for themselves. The same thing applies with the Taptic Engine: you won’t get it if you haven’t used it.

I was personally shocked how much worse haptic feedback was on the Pixel 2 when I switched back in October. It’s a small thing, but the way iOS uses this feature makes the phone feel more fancy than your average phone. As I said in my Android Oreo review last week:

This is a small one, but it makes the iPhone feel fancier and not just like a phone using the same motor that was in my 2004 RAZR.

The OnePlus 5T Can’t Currently Stream HD videos

Your shiny new OnePlus 5T can’t stream HD videos | Android Central:

In order to stream videos in HD from the likes of Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Video, etc., phones need to support something called Widevine Level 1 DRM. As some users on OnePlus’s forums have noted, the 5T only supports Widevine Level 3 which is capable of just SD video streams.

You must be kidding me! Sounds like YouTube does HD video, but basically no other major apps do anything but SD.

For a good laugh look at the comments:

What’s mind-boggling to me is why people want to watch videos like movies and TV on their phone instead of on a monitor or real TV.


How was this not noticed / pointed out in the reviews of the phone? I mean, the original Oneplus 5 has been out for many months now and nobody has pointed this out until now??


Apple Throttling iPhones with Degraded Batteries?

Apple’s Alleged Throttling of Older iPhones With Degraded Batteries Causes Controversy – Mac Rumors:

A Reddit post over the weekend has drawn a flurry of interest after an iPhone 6s owner reported that a battery replacement significantly increased the device’s performance running iOS 11. The ensuing discussion thread, also picked up by readers in the MacRumors forum, has led to speculation that Apple intentionally slows down older phones to retain a full day’s charge if the battery has degraded over time.

This is an interesting case. The testing methodology would be interesting to see here, since you can also replicate worse results by running the same test multiple times in a row, since the A-series processors don’t hold up to a sustained load like a desktop CPU.

But if this is indeed legit, I honestly don’t think it’s a bad decision by Apple. If your phone has a worn out battery and the system has to choose whether to make your phone last longer or run faster, I think making it run a little slower so that it doesn’t die is the right call. It’s essentially doing what Low Power Mode does already, just without your need to toggle it on or off.

Apple Watch Expected to Grow by 20-30% in 2018

Apple Watch 3 shipment growth to benefit Taiwan IC packagers in 2018 – DigiTimes:

Shipments of Apple Watch 3 are expected to surge 20% on year to reach 23-25 million units in the coming year, which will greatly benefit Taiwan players in the supply, particularly backend packaging and testing service providers, according industry sources.

As an Apple Watch lover, it always makes me happy to see headlines like this. We’ve gone from “Apple Watch is doomed!” to “The Apple Watch is set to break records again” very quickly.