Dark, Textured Wallpapers

Dark, Textured Wallpapers

I made some dark wallpapers which just a little texture, and I think they’ll go nicely with any minimalist look you’re going for on your phone, tablet, or desktop. These were all shot on the iPhone 11 Pro and are shared at their native resolution.

Cacheing may downgrade the quality you get from saving the images straight from this page, so I’ve included download links to the full res versions below each one.


Direct Download 1

Direct Download 2

Direct Download 3

Direct Download 4

You can also download desktop version of these here:

Desktop 1

Desktop 2

Desktop 3

Desktop 4

UPDATE! I took some more photos with the Pixel 4 and got some of those in the mix too.

Pixel Download 1

Pixel Download 2

Pixel Download 3

Pixel Download 4

Apple's Kawasaki Store Wallpapers

Apple has a new store opening in Kawasaki, Japan in two weeks and they have some art to go along with it. Below are some very high res wallpapers based on that imagery. Enjoy!

Reminder to always click the link to the full res image and not the preview image on this page since WordPress will compress those images and you won't get the highest quality possible.


Download iPhone version with Apple logo

Download iPhone version with square

Download iPhone version with no logo


Download Desktop version with Apple logo

Download Desktop version with square

Download Desktop version with no logo

Some Gradient Wallpapers

I haven’t made any wallpapers in a long time, but I wanted some new gradients and no one had seemed to make any that totally made me happy, so I made my own. I hope you enjoy! Update 2019-08-26: I've added 4k desktop/iPad versions at the bottom of this post. They're big files, but gradients are wildly inefficient when it comes to compression.

As always, these are at 4k resolution and you should click the links to download each one directly (WordPress will downscale the ones you see on this page).

Download the blue/green version.

Download the red/purple version.

Download the yellow/orange version.

Download the blue version.

Download the blue/green desktop.

Download the red/purple desktop.

Download the yellow/orange desktop.

Download the blue desktop.

Some Updated Swift Wallpapers (5k, Ultrawide, and mobile)

I made a set of wallpapers a few years ago and since then screen resolutions and technology has changed since then. Tons of people have downloaded them and seemed to enjoy them, so I wanted to make newer versions of these that will both look better than the last set, as well as make them easier to update in the future for when we have 10k screens. Enjoy!

Download the full res 5k version

Download the full res Ultrawide version

And because phone users might like this too, here's a 4k version for your phone or tablet.

Download the full res 4k mobile version

WWDC19 Wallpapers for iPhone, iPad, and Desktop

This is becoming a bit of a tradition!

This year’s WWDC has some pretty rad artwork which I think makes for some pretty rad wallpapers. Minimal adjustments were made to these this year in part because I simply don’t have as much time as years past, but also because Apple was good enough to give us art that actually just works great for this sort of thing!

Without further ado, here are 4 versions of the wallpaper, all in 4,000x4,000px resolution so they should work on most devices you have lying around. Also, make sure to view the full resolution version of the image by following the links below. My site will cache lower resolution versions on this page so that the site stays up (yay) but will look rough on your phone (nay).

Download full res version here (version 1). Download full res version here (version 2). Download full res version here (version 3). Download full res version here (version 4).