Apple Developer Wallpaper (just in time for WWDC)

Yes, why yes it would! I'm not entirely sure exactly where that graphic is from, but it looks really cool.

Wordpress doesn't like having these at full res (14,400px wide!), so you can download a ZIP with all 4 variants here or use the link below each image to get the sized version.


Full size (14,400x10,240)

Full size (14,400x10,240)

And then some colored versions at a more reasonable 4,320x3,072 resolution:


Full size (2,208x2,208)

Full size (2,208x2,208)

And again some colors for the phone versions:

The Complete Neon Apple Wallpaper Collection

I’m still smitten with Apple’s artwork for their new Tokyo store, so I’ve completed the set of wallpapers, now with all 3 neon signs. And because I think these actually look better on a desktop, those have been updated as well.

It should be expected at this point, but all desktop walls are 5K and all phone walls are 4K. Ad if you have any issues seeing the full res images below, you can download them all here.

WWDC18 iPhone Wallpapers

Update: See the desktop versions of these wallpapers here.

Apple threw me a bit of a curveball this year when they announced WWDC 2018 this week. As I did in 2015, 2016, and 2017, I had every intention of making wallpapers this year as well. It tends to be one of my more popular posts of the year and I enjoy making them. This year Apple decided to go all in on 3D everything and my heart just sunk when I saw the art. There was no way I could do all that!

Well, sometimes you need to take a little time and realize that wallpapers merely need to evoke the thing they’re representing, not necessarily look exactly like them. The apps on your home screen are the elements hovering over this grid, so there’s no need for a bunch of crap on top.

To that end, below are 4 different wallpapers inspired by the WWDC18 artwork, each with a light and dark variant, and in 4K as usual. You can pick from them below or download all 8 here (.ZIP 878KB).

Android P Wallpapers (in ridiculous 16K)

Google released the first developer preview for their upcoming Android P yesterday, and as is my responsibility at this point, I’ve made some wallpapers based on the new logo.

There’s a lot going on in some of these, so I don’t expect everyone to love them, but if this is your style and you want to rock the new Android branding right now, I hope these suit your needs.

Oh, and a mentioned in the title, these are all rendered out at 16K resolution (4,320 x 7,680, or 33 million pixels) so you can be damn sure they’ll look good everywhere. You can choose one of the few below, or download the whole collection here (3MB .zip).

5K Alto’s Odyssey Wallpapers

Alto’s Odyssey is easily the best game I’ve played on iOS for a long time, and come on, you didn’t think I’d let this game go by without any wallpapers, did you?

A few quick notes on these wallpapers firth, though. Alto’s Odyssey has a screenshot feature, but these wallpapers are not simple copy/pastes of those. For one thing, screenshots from iOS are 1920x1080, which is less than a quarter the resolution I was looking for. Also, there is a general softness to them that you don’t notice in motion, but you can’t unsee when viewing on a large desktop display. For those reasons, these wallpapers are recreated entirely from scratch to render at a native 5K (5120x2880). They’re based off assets from the game itself, but it all had to be remade by hand1.

So here they are: 2 scenes with 3 color variants each, as well as versions with and without Alto himself. You can download all of them here (3.5MB), or pick and choose from the ones below.

Note that while I have not made iPhone variants from these, they are high enough resolution that you can zoom in on whatever part you like and make your own:

  1. This is also why there are just 2 base images here. It was incredibly time-consuming to make these. 

Another Few Textured Wallpapers

I’ve added a few more wallpapers to my “texture” collection, which began with the Asphalt wallpaper from last week. All 3 of these were shot on an iPhone 8 Plus and look pretty darn good on any phone or tablet. As with the last textured image, these are very high res (50% larger than 4K) and have a lot of detail, so they’re larger JPEG files, so they may take a few seconds to load.