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Thinking Big and Small About the Apple Watch

What Even is the Apple Watch?

watchOS 3 Proposal: Fixing the Side Button

A Love Letter to My Apple Watch

The Best Health, Better Apps, and Outstanding Communication: My watchOS 3 Pitch

The Best Health, Better Apps, and Outstanding Communication: My watchOS 3 Pitch

Those Red, Green, and Blue Rings are Brilliant

On the Fitbit Blaze

Upgrade your Apple Watch Band for Less Than $30

Apple Watch Sales Might have Soared Close to 7 Million

Apple Watch Owners Love Their Watches

Was I Wrong About the Samsung Gear 2 Smart Watch?

Have I Ever Mentioned Samsung is Terrible at UI?

Target to Sell Apple Watch in Stores Starting October 25

Apple Faces: Custom Wallpapers for Your Apple Watch

Data is Square (or Why Round Smart Watches are Just a Fad)

All I Want from watchOS 3 is Custom Watch Faces

A User Interface Disaster (of course it's from Samsung)

The iPod Wasn't a Hit Immediately Either

Facebook Doesn't Fit on Your Wrist

97% of Early Apple Watch Owners are Satisfied

10 Impressions After Almost 3 Months with Apple Watch

45 Days with the Apple Watch (Yes, I Still Use My iPhone)

What’s Up with Google and Android Wear?

The Pebble Faithful Are Getting Bent Out of Shape

Smart Watches are Made for Goliaths

One Month Later, Instacast is Only the Second Podcast app on Apple Watch

What Third Party Complications Might Look Like on Apple Watch

Running with Apple Watch

Where the Pebble Stands

We're in the Early Days of Smart Watch Apps

Early Days on the Watch (or How Even the Best Watch App Sucks)

The Agony of Syncing Podcasts to an Apple Watch with iTunes Match

Apple Watch Review

This Isn't a Home Screen, it's a Utilities Folder

Paul Thurrott on Why the Apple Watch is a Disaster

10 More Impressions from Day Two with the Apple Watch

15 Impressions from My First Day with an Apple Watch

We're Going to Be Using Our Apple Watches Poorly

Some Changes Coming to Android Wear

Monument Valley Devs Enter the Watch Face Game

Under The Wire

IFTTT's Do Button Get Apple Watch'd

Taking Calls on Smart Watches is Actually Really Cool

My Completely Boring but Totally Real Reason for Getting an Apple Watch

Like Reviewing an iPhone Without Any Apps

Apple Offering Employees Discounts on the Apple Watch

Apple's App Advantage is Continuing on the Watch

My 3 Favorite Apple Watch Quotes

Apple Watch Isn't a "Real Watch", It's Something Better

A Day in the Life with Apple Watch

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