I Got the New iPad! (Podcast #142)

I picked up the 12.9” iPad Pro last night and wanted to share my first impressions of the Pro-iest iPad ever.

  1. Size and screen
  2. Speakers
  3. Performance
  4. Apple Pencil 2
  5. Smart Keyboard Folio

Camera Test: iPhone Xs (Default and Hydra) vs OnePlus 6 (Default, Night Sight, and Night Mode)

It’s dark and snowy here in the Midwest, so it was inevitable that I would do a camera comparison. Here’s what I used:

  • iPhone Xs
    • Default camera app
    • Hydra (low light mode)
  • OnePlus 6
    • Default camera app
    • Default app’s Night Mode
    • Google Camera app’s Night Sight

iPhone Xs

Default app

Hydra Low Light Mode

These shots looks very similar, although the default camera app does a better job of holding onto detail and they have basically the same look. The biggest difference here is that the default app took this shot instantly while Hydra had me hold the phone steady for about 3 seconds to collect more light.

OnePlus 6

Default App

Default App, Night Mode

Google Camera App, Night Sight

You can see an immediate difference in color temperatures and brightness between the OnePlus and the iPhone. The OnePlus images are much brighter than the iPhone’s. If you zoom in, there is less detail here, but the overall image is definitely appealing and I would say more impressive than what the iPhone is delivering.

Meanwhile, the image from the Google app using Night Sight is a very unappealing yellow that I think looks really bad. I’ll chalk that up to this app not really meaning to run on this phone.


This is a bit of a wild card, but what if we take these images into Lightroom and make a few small changes. I took the normal photos from both phones and added a little brightness, shifted to a cooler temperature, added a little clarity, and boosted saturation and vibrancy a few clicks and got these:

iPhone Xs


What does this tell us? Mostly that these cameras are collecting raw image data and making different choices with the final processing. Apple is opting to have a darker image that is more realistic while OnePlus is opting for a brighter image that is not necessarily accurate, but looks quite nice.

The biggest difference, and why the iPhone costs 2x that of the OnePlus, is the detail in the shot. It is more apparent when these were enhanced with Lightroom as you can see lots of details that are either worse or just plain missing from the OnePlus photos that look better on the iPhone shot.

Despite these differences, the OnePlus’s still camera continues to impress me as it holds its own quite well against the $1,000+ phones it’s competing with.

Apple is Always Slashing iPhone Orders, Apparently

I saw the recent headlines of “Apple is slashing iPhone orders because no one buys iPhones anymore!” headlines flood my feeds this week and I thought to myself, “haven’t we been here before?”

January 2016:  Apple shares fall after reports of cuts to iPhone 6S and 6S Plus production 

iPhone production may be slowing down: Apple is expected to cut production of its latest models by about 30% in the January-March quarter due to mounting unsold units, it has been reported. The news disturbed investors in the US tech giant, sending share price sharply lower to close to $100, a level unseen since 2014.

Q1 2016 had record iPhone unit sales .

December 2016: Chipmakers Tumble Most Since June on Report Apple Cut Orders | Data Center Knowledge

Chipmakers dropped the most in five months after a report that Apple Inc. is reducing orders for iPhone 7 parts reignited a post U.S.-election selloff in technology stocks.

Q1 2017 turned out to be the highest unit sales quarter the company ever had (78.3M units).

December 2017: Apple supposedly cut iPhone X production in response to lower demand 

The report quotes notes from analysts who have already lowered iPhone X shipment projections for the first quarter of 2018, citing a lackluster demand at the end of the holiday shopping season.

The iPhone X was the best selling iPhone every week for 6 months after launch.

November 2018:  Apple cuts production orders for all three new iPhone models: WSJ 

A lower-than-expected demand for the new iPhones and Apple’s decision to offer more models has made it difficult to anticipate the number of components and handsets the company needs, according to the WSJ report here.

iPhone unit sales were slightly up again in Q4 2018, but we’ll have to wait and see how Q1 2019 goes when they announce those numbers in February.

Maybe this will indeed be the year that the new iPhones sell poorly and Apple needs to take a long look at what it’s doing, but this is why people who follow Apple roll their eyes a little when we hear about the company cutting iPhone orders; it’s a story every year since the iPhone 6s came out.

All the Black Friday Deals You Could Imagine

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My Blogging Workflow: iPad, Ulysses, and WordPress

I took two days off work and got two YouTube videos out…this trend is unsustainable, but I’ve loved doing it! This video was shot on a OnePlus 6 (I’m using the iPhone next time) and edited in LumaFusion on the iPad.

And as promised in the video, here’s the shortcut I use to take the selected text, page title, and URL and create a new sheet in Ulysses in seconds: New Link Post Shortcut.