Google Consolidates All of its Payments into Google Pay

Bringing it all together with Google Pay:

Today, we’re excited to announce we’ll be bringing together all the different ways to pay with Google, including Android Pay and Google Wallet, into a single brand: Google Pay.

This is a long time coming and a smart move by Google.

The short of it is that Android Pay has been rebranded to Google Pay and they’ve brought payment buttons to the web so you can used your saved card data in Chrome. Also yes, it’s basically all the things Apple Pay already does but from Google.

More on that “Chrome is IE6” Thing

Careful Now | CSS-Tricks:

Even more concerning than browser-specific websites is seeing browsers ship non-standardized features just because they want them, not behind any vendor prefix or flag. There was a time when web developers would have got out the pitchforks if a browser was doing this, but I sense some complacency seeping in.

These days, the vibe is more centered around complaining about other browsers lack of support for things. For example, one browser ships something, we see one green dot in caniuse, and we lambast the other browsers to catch up. Instead, we might ask, was it a good idea to ship that feature yet?

This is a good, measured take by someone who is a bigger Chrome fan than I am.

Today’s Forecast Update and Price Drop

A small update to Today’s Forecast just hit the App Store! Version 1.2.3 includes the following changes:

  • New seasonal theme!
  • Modified the Halloween and standard dark themes to look better on the iPhone X
  • Fixed a small bug in the Halloween theme displaying weather alerts
  • Removed alternate icons (sorry, hopefully adding them back soon!)

Additionally, I’ve dropped the price to 0.99¢ for the foreseeable future. After selling the app for 3 full months, it’s clear the price is too high for many people, so hopefully the new price point will bring in more people. I’d love to make the app free, but my time is not free, and on the off chance the app got 100,000 new users tomorrow, the Dark Sky API costs would make me go broke, so there has to be a cost.

Finally, you may have noticed that note up there about alternate icons going away. I wasn’t happy about this, but app review rejected me 3 times for saying the app did not allow users to change the app even though it said it could. Zero beta testers nor myself could replicate this and everyone said it worked perfectly1, so I don’t know what’s going on there. I’m working to get this functionality added again because I know I miss it as well, but I needed to get this update out to fix a few small bugs that were in the last release, and the number of people asking for iPhone X-optimized dark themes was too great to leave hanging. Keep an eye out for an update very soon that re-adds this functionality. I’m sorry for any frustration this caused.

  1. Of note, the code that was used to change icons had not changed since the original launch of the app. 

CES 2018: Belkin Adds HomeKit Compatibility to Wemo Lineup With Launch of New Bridge – Mac Rumors

CES 2018: Belkin Adds HomeKit Compatibility to Wemo Lineup With Launch of New Bridge – Mac Rumors:

Belkin today announced that it is officially adding HomeKit support to its popular Wemo lineup of smart connected accessories with the launch of the new Wemo Bridge.

Oh, hell yeah! Belkin is the lone holdout in my smart home stuff, as the only platform that does not support Apple’s HomeKit. I’ll be ordering one of these tomorrow!