Am I Just Doing Eff-All Work? (podcast #141)

Minor profanity warning on this one. The tweet in question has the f-bomb in it, and I do mention it a few times in the episode.

The tweet in question:

Nilay made this point on Vergecast, but the people who have replaced their laptops with an iPad are people who do fuck all work. The rest of us hard working people use a laptop, because we have real stuff to do other than send emails and fart around. Don’t @ me ¯_(ツ)_/¯


How to Record and Edit a Podcast with Ferrite for iOS

I’ve been recording, editing, and posting my podcast straight from iOS for about a year now. The magical elements that let me do this are:

The video should give you a general idea for how the app works, but it does not dive into every single element of the app because frankly, I don’t use a ton of the features available. Hopefully it gets you what you need to get started with the app!

Touch Response on the OnePlus 6, iPhone Xs, and iPad Pro (2017)

The OnePlus 6 is a very nice Android phone (and at less than $600 it’s one of the most affordable high end phones of the year), but one thing that was bugging me was touch response time. Animations feel fast and the phone generally works quite quickly, but there was a slight disconnect between when I was tapping/swiping on screen and things would happen. I was not alone, apparently.

To test this, I busted out the slow motion video and counted the frames between how long it took the Twitter app and websites to recognize my swipe gestures to start scrolling. Check out the video above for more thoughts, but the ultimate results were:

  • OnePlus 6: 0.15 second lag (average)
  • iPhone Xs: 0.08 second lag
  • iPad Pro 10.5: 0.07 second lag

Android Updates and the Lowest Bars Possible

Android Developers Blog: An Update on Project Treble

Thanks to Treble, we expect to see more devices from OEMs running Android 9 Pie at the end of 2018 as compared to the number of devices that were running Android Oreo at the end of 2017.

It’s worth noting that Oreo was on 0.5% of devices in December 2017 and 0.7% in January 2018. Sure, they’re on pace to hit at least 0.8% by the end of the year, but that’s after Pie will be 4 months old, that’s not exactly the accelerated upgrade pattern I think we expected.

As of today, Android Pie still does not have enough usage to register on Google’s distribution dashboard.

2018 iPhone, 2018 iPad, and 2012 Mac (podcast #140)

“Apple doesn’t want you to know the iPad Pro runs iOS!” is the sort of headline I feel like I’m seeing a lot with iPad Pro reviews, so let’s talk about it.

Also, I think the large of my 3 main computers tells you how passionate I am about them. My iPhone is from 2018, my iPad will be from 2018 (in a week or two), and my Mac is from 2012.

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