January 2016 iPhone Rumors Judged

Posted by Matt Birchler
β€” 3 min read

This is the first in a multi-part series of posts looking back on the iPhone rumors from last year. I am doing this review to put this year's rumors into perspective. With the wisdom of hindsight, maybe we can look back on how last year's rumors shook out and see if that colors our view of the rumor season we're in now. At the very least this will be a fun trip down Apple rumor memory lane.

January 2016

Overall Score: 5.5/9

Jan 2 - iPhone 7 Plus Said to Have 256GB Option and Larger 3,100 mAh Battery

Apple's next-generation iPhone 7 Plus may feature a 256GB storage option and larger 3,100 mAh battery as two differentiating features over the smaller iPhone 7, according to Chinese website MyDrivers

Verdict: Partially true. The iPhone 7 Plus did come in a new 256GB model, but the battery was 2900mAh, which is still an increase over the 6s Plus.

Jan 4 - Supply Chain Rumors Reaffirm iPhone 7 Will Not Have Headphone Jack

Both websites claim the iPhone 7 will not have a headphone jack, and that Apple will release its own wireless Bluetooth headphones

Verdict: True!

Jan 7 - iPhone 7 May Feature Thinner, Waterproof Body With No Headphone Jack and Wireless Charging

While Fast Company's source sounds sure of the removal of the headphone jack, there is a caveat about the potential inclusion of wireless charging technology and waterproofing. Apple is said to be working on these technologies at the current time, but Fast Company warns that the features could be pulled ahead of when the iPhone 7 goes into production.

Verdict: Mostly true. The iPhone didn't have a headphone jack, it was waterproof, but it did not have wireless charging.

Jan 8 - iPhone 7 May Ship With Lightning-Connected EarPods, New Wireless Earphones Also Under Development

Verdict: True! This rumor even got the name "AirPods" correct.

Jan 11 - New 4-Inch 'iPhone 5e' Could Feature A8 Chip, 1GB of RAM, Apple Pay and VoLTE Calling

Verdict: Wrong. The name would be "iPhone SE" (which looks a lot like "5E" at a glance), it had an A9 chip, and 2GB of RAM.

Jan 22 - Apple's 4-Inch iPhone to Be Called 'iPhone 5se' With Design Modeled After iPhone 5s

New information shared by 9to5Mac and Chinese website MyDrivers adds to the growing body of evidence pointing towards an iPhone 5s-style device that's a step down from the iPhone 6s, potentially set to be called the "iPhone 5se" to denote its position as an upgraded version of the iPhone 5s.

Verdict: Mostly false. The name is soooo close (5se instead of the actual name, SE), but the "confirmation" that this

Jan 24 - Leaked Photo of Alleged 4-Inch iPhone Resembles iPhone 6

Verdict: Nope!

Jan 27 - Dual Camera iPhone 7 Plus Could Offer 'DSLR-Like' Quality, 3D Depth Mapping

LinX's multi-aperture cameras pack impressive image quality in a smaller size than single aperture cameras, meaning the iPhone 7 Plus may lack a protruding camera lens and be able to take SLR-quality photos β€” think Canon or Nikon. The camera modules are also capable of very interesting technology called 3D depth mapping and more.

Verdict: True! The "DSLR-like" language even mirrors the pitch made on stage by Apple themselves in Septemner when the iPhone 7 Plus was unveiled. And yes, 3D depth mapping was also there, and although only Apple was able to take advantage of that data in iOS 10, thrid parties will get access to it in iOS 11.

Jan 27 - iPhone 7 Plus Likely to Have Dual-Lens Camera Based on LinX Technology

KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has issued a research note obtained by MacRumors that predicts two 5.5-inch versions of the "iPhone 7 Plus" are in development, one with a single iSight rear-facing camera and another boasting a dual-camera design.

Verdict: Wrong, there of course was only one version of the iPhone 7 Plus.